Saturday, September 29th, our cocktail took place at the Vienna Design Week in the festival headquarters.

Thank you very much for being so numerous and for having made a successful start to NEU/ZEUG.


If you have fallen in love with our lamps, but would like to design your own lamp,
the Workshop DESIGN YOUR OWN LAMP @ Vienna Design Week … will take place on
Saturday, 6th October from 14.00-16.00 … from the idea sketch to the finished product …


Under the guidance of one of the designers of Lucy.D, Barbara Ambrosz and the producer Beate Seckauer,
the own lamp is sketched and designed.

We explain the production process, how the PEARLS lamps are cast, fired and englobed!
So you can look behind the scenes of the NEU / ZEUG porcelain production with us.


If you like your design, you can order the lamp from us! Free participation!


We kindly ask you to register under or directly in our first floor in the Europa Pavillon in the festival center.


We look forward too many creative designers at our workshop and of course many interested visitors until 7.October,
daily from 11.00 to 20.00 in the festival center (Europa Pavillon, Apollogasse 19) or in one month at the Blickfang in the MAK.