About Us


NEU / ZEUG – is the name of our new brand for high-quality and regionally produced porcelain lamps developed and manufactured in Upper Austria.

Behind the brand:
Neu/Zeug is a set up between Studio Lucy.D, Barbara Ambrosz and Karin Santorso
and the Porzellanmanufaktur Neuzeughammer, Beate Seckauer.



This is Us



Our design studio LUCY.D was founded 2003 in Vienna and shortly after a second studio was opened in Steyr, upper Austria. Main focus of our work is about a clear access to things and workflows. This is how products are created in the categories product design, architecture and corporate design.

Our basic approach is to discover poetry in everyday life. This is the starting point for the development of inspiring and practical products. We seek the balance between tradition and innovation, meaning and sensual pleasure as well as detail and ensemble.

Lucy.D works interdisciplinary and is familiar with a wide variety of technologies, from craft to robot-controlled processes. We plan concepts with sensitiveness for brand concepts, use of material and accompany our customers in the implementation and production to the finished product.



I have been working with porcelain various sectors such as architecture and objects for the past 25 years and have been running my porcelain factory in Neu / Zeug for over 9 years now. The old factory Neuzeughammer has a long history, which I would like to carry on with new products and developments.

The surrounding nature in its wilderness and beauty here on the beautiful river Steyr presents itself to me every day as an inexhaustible source of inspiration and power.

With the work in my porcelain manufactory, I keep an endangered craft alive.

In the synergy of traditional craftsmanship in contact with natural materials and high-quality design, I see a successful future.



The manufactory


Before Beate Seckauer discovered the old factory building in 2009 and adapted it with great attention to detail, the “Amboßwerk Neuzeughammer” housed a successful cutlery factory until 1974. This is where interesting products were created by designers such as Carl Auböck jr., Helmut Alder and the artist János Megyik.

Today, the building offers space for events, apartments and the workshop of the porcelain manufactory Neuzeughammer, in which porcelain and ceramics objects of the highest standard are produced by hand.

Since the collaboration between the manufactory and the designer duo Lucy.D, the new label NEU/ZEUG is also based here.

After the successfully completed crowdfunding campaign in November 2017, the first Neu / Zeug product, the lamp collection Pearls produced here.

The crossover between design and manufacture is inspiring – designed by Lucy.D and produced by Neuzeughammer.

The products that are made in this manufactory, tell a story and convey the charm of the production to the customers! Each of the products are unique in many ways!